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Book Marketing

Why waste money marketing your books?


  • Increase your presence as an author

  • Better understand your readers

  • Keep readers coming back for more

  • Increase chances of success every new release

  • And, of course, make sales!

Taking your marketing seriously is one of the best investments you can make for your novel. If no one knows about your book, no one is going to buy it!

So, what are the benefits of book marketing?

How To Create an Author Media Press Kit.jpg

What makes young adult fiction marketing different?

As an adult writer stepping into the world of teen readers, marketing can seem like an impossible feat. How can you get inside the mind of a sixteen-year-old? Where do you find them? How do you speak to them? And how do you convince them to buy and read YOUR book?

My job is to help you bridge this gap and find out how to connect you with your ideal readers. Whether it's creating a TikTok content plan, creating a website young adults will love, or researching your competition, I can help you find your book's place in the YA world.

Contact me to discuss your needs, or find out more about my Digital Marketing Packages.

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