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Carolyn Martinez, Hawkeye Publishing Director

Proofreader, 2021

“Poppy recently proofread a fiction manuscript for us and I was impressed with her knowledge. I was immediately confident I could trust her work because of the level of detail she applied, and the higher level grammatical mistakes that she identified. I recommend Poppy as a fiction line editor and proofreader."
Alice Woodland,
YA Author

Editor & Assistant, 2021-
"Poppy is a rare, glistening gem. Somehow possessing the tenacious hustle of youth alongside the calm wisdom of experience, she helped me sculpt my manuscript into something I could be proud to share with the world. As a virtual assistant, Poppy was caring and patient every step of the way. As an editor, she was thorough and methodical – her critical approach tempered by an immense passion for character and craft. I am so glad I found Poppy, and look forward to working with her in the future."​​
Jim Shomos,
Romance Author

Virtual Assistant, 2021

"Poppy’s wisdom saved me weeks in putting together an actionable marketing plan and sparkly media kit for the release of Three Women in November. She’s also the perfect sounding board for marketing ideas. A blessing for any author."
Natalie Simmonite, Romance Author

Virtual Assistant/Book Coach, 2020

“Poppy has been more than just an editor, she has held my hand, in the virtual online sense, through many confidence crises. She is helpful, professional and knowledgeable. She has given me confidence to use her services going forward."
Neil Shuttlewood, Curtis Press Publishing Founder

Digital Marketing Manager, 2019-present

“Poppy has done a very professional and enthusiastic job on developing social media for Curtis Press. Her advice and organisational skills are very impressive as is her ability to work using social media software like Hootsuite. I am looking forward to working with Poppy in 2020 onwards where I intend to use her web development skills.”
Tony Freeman,
Twin Waters Residents’ Association President

Newsletter Editor, 2018-19

“Poppy was a great help; she took her role with great seriousness and helped us shape the Newsletter. She created a standard guideline, style guide, and a monthly timeline which was circulated to those on the committee… she adhered to the timeline, and the monthly newsletter was available on time at the end of each month. She contributed well, worked well and diligently with virtually no supervision. Readers and residents in the Sunshine Coast Community of all ages praised the changes she made to the Newsletter."


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