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Author Poppy Rose Solomon
& the Poppy's Pages publishing imprint

Poppy Solomon has only one goal in life: get more amazing books into the hands of readers. Her YA novels reflect the traumas and hard lessons she went through as a teenager, and she loves creating ‘unlikable’ characters who learn to heal themselves. Crafting inspiration and escapism is the goal of her creative writing. From her home on the Sunshine Coast, she freelances as a YA editor and coach through her business Poppy’s Pages, and runs the Writing YA With Poppy podcast. Your best bet of finding her is on Instagram or TikTok, @poppysvintagebooks (if she isn’t cuddling her cat and ignoring the world). Woken Kingdom is her first series, and she has plenty more to come.

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Woken Kingdom Series

A hundred years ago, a dark fairy cursed an innocent princess, forcing a kingdom to sleep until a brave prince would save them.

Maya is fueled by spite towards the royal family and fairies, who trapped ordinary people like her in a curse they didn’t deserve. Now poverty-stricken, the seventeen-year-old bookmaker has one goal: rob her grandmother’s faraway grave and use the riches within to save her family from starvation.

As she enters a world she doesn’t recognise, Maya meets the charismatic but mysterious Teddy. He agrees to help her, and it’s only a matter of time before romantic feelings emerge. But when Teddy’s secret is revealed, it doesn’t only change their friendship - it changes Maya’s entire world.

To reach the enchanted treasure she seeks, Maya will need blessings from each of the seven fairies. She and Teddy journey across each of the fairy's distinct territories, experiencing mystical powers, stunning cities, and lush landscapes. Even with a deadly rival close behind, Maya won't be stopped. But she is yet to learn the true cost of her treasure.

When Maya must choose between saving her family or stopping a lurking evil, who will she betray?


 “fun and whimsical and heart-warming” “a breath of fresh air” “Maya and Teddy deserve all the love and excitement”

– early reader reviews


Woken Kingdom - April 10th, 2023

Cygnus Curse (Woken Kingdom #2)

Haunted Princess (Woken Kingdom #3)

Spellbound Empire (Woken Kingdom #4)

Woken Kingdom is published under the

Poppy's Pages publishing imprint.

Book Covers.png

Woken Kingdom - April 10th, 2023

Cygnus Curse (Woken Kingdom #2)

Haunted Princess (Woken Kingdom #3)

Spellbound Empire (Woken Kingdom #4)

An Enchanted Earth

An Enchanted Earth has the layers of friendship, conspiracy, and betrayal of Wicked, with a colourful and corrupt urban fantasy world like The Mortal Instruments. 

Sage, an eighteen-year-old witch, wants nothing more than to be human. Morgan, an ambitious law student, is oblivious to the magical world. When they meet at university, they quickly become best friends. But their future plans are derailed when they uncover devastating secrets about an approaching supernatural war.


Before they can warn anyone, they’re thrown into another realm with no way home. Worse, they uncover a conspiracy that could change their loyalties - and the outcome of the war. The more they learn about each other and the world they're part of, the more the two best friends are driven apart. But if they choose the wrong side of the war, the entire universe will pay.


Can they get home and make the right decision in time?

I have plans to create a duology and potentially write further books in this series/world. I am currently seeking representation for this novel, as my goal is to have it traditionally published. If you are interested, please contact me. 

Citrus Fruits

Golden Hour

Golden Hour is the first book I wrote; a YA dystopia about three teenagers surviving - and possibly ending - the apocalypse, if they can only get past their own issues first. I do not currently have plans to publish it, but I am happy to discuss publication with interested publishers or agents.

Book Covers (1).png

What would you do if the world stopped turning?
Two years ago, an event known as the Pause left the Solar System frozen, throwing the world into chaos.
Childhood friends March, Molly, and Jason escaped the wars in Australia and have been hiding in rural America, grieving the loss of the families and friends left behind. They don’t know what the next step is, or if they'll even survive, but all three are about to find out they’re closer to the Pause than they know.
There’s an organisation watching them. A conspiracy they never could have imagined. And it means they might be the only people who can save the world. But can they get past their own internal struggles to do it?
March knows there’s something different about him. Molly just wants to be happy again. And Jason is betraying them both.

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