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Editing & Proofreading
Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

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What does editing cost?

Editing costs vary depending on the level of editing you want, and how much work the novel needs. Developmental editing a first draft, for instance, will be much more expensive than proofreading an incredibly polished final draft.


However, all editors charge differently. (I charge by the hour, but others will charge by the word or the project.) To give you an example of editing costs, I first need to complete a sample edit. This allows me to see the intensity of editing required, and provide a personalised quote. The sample also allows you to see my work and decide if you feel I’m the best editor for you. Head to my sample edit form to find out more.​​

Editing rates are based on your manuscript length and genre, as well as the extent of editing required. For a sample edit and quote, please fill out my Sample Edit Request Form.

I look forward to reading your work!

Why does editing seem so expensive?

Editing is a big job! Consider how long it takes you to read a book. It definitely requires more time and effort than putting on a movie. And editors aren’t just reading; they’re completing all kinds of checks to improve your book, and this takes many, many, MANY hours. Hundreds or thousands of dollars might seem like a huge amount of money, but when you consider all the time – and experience and skills – the editor is giving you, they need to be paid fairly. 

What do I get for my money?

You get to work with a specialist YA editor to make sure your book shines for teen readers. My clients are also entitled to a free review on my bookstagram page with over 1400 followers, so you get some free promotion! 

What happens if the quoted fee changes?

Because I always complete a sample edit, as long as your sample reflects the rest of your work, the price should be accurate. I tend to over-quote just in case, and if the project is taking more hours than expected, I'll let you know ASAP. 

How can I save money on editing?

You can save your editor time and therefore reduce costs by making sure your manuscript is the best it can be before you have it edited. See my blog 'How to reduce the costs of editing' for more tips. 

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