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Blurb/Book Description Writing

Need help with writing your book blurb, or other metadata?

I love writing back-cover blurbs (known online as book descriptions), and enjoy finding the most intriguing parts of your story to help your book sell to the right audience.


  • Blurb Assessment: You already have a blurb written, but you'd like some professional feedback (starts at $50)

  • Blurb Writing With Synopsis: You have a synopsis I can read to find the most exciting parts of your book to write a blurb from scratch (starts at $150)
  • Blurb Writing With Full-Book Read: You want a professional to read your book in its entirety, getting an in-depth understanding of the story to write a blurb from scratch (starts at $500 - if beta reading, ARC reading, proofreading or editing as well, this can be significantly reduced as I'll have already read the book). 

How can I help?

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What makes young adult fiction blurbs different?

When we write blurbs for teenagers, we have to get into the mindset of someone younger than ourselves and really think about what will entice them to read your book. 

As an adult writer stepping into the world of teen readers, marketing can seem like an impossible feat. How can you get inside the mind of a sixteen-year-old? Where do you find them? How do you speak to them? And how do you convince them to buy and read YOUR book?

My job is to help you bridge this gap and find out how to connect you with your ideal readers. 

Contact me to discuss your needs, or find out more about my Digital Marketing Packages.

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