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7 SMM Terms to Know

Getting stuck learning the language of Social Media Marketing? Here are seven SMM terms defined!



Your social media analytics show you how successful your content is. It will describe what kind of content works best, who's seeing your posts, and at what times. Learning to read and understand your analytics is a great step towards boosting engagement!

Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are used to get your content seen by more people. A hashtag strategy is the method of continually updating your hashtags: making sure they're specific and relevant, so your content always lands in front of the right audience.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is anything your audience posts that you can use in your own marketing. You might repost a picture of your product from a happy customer, or share a 5-star review. This builds your relationship with customers and encourages others to post about you!


Viral content is the best way to get your brand its ‘15 minutes of fame’. It's difficult to define what exactly makes a piece of social media content viral, but it will always have many shares across many platforms.


You'll want to connect with influencers who can promote your brand to the right audiences. This can be someone with a good social media following, a trusted blogger, or even a journalist who can review you or promote an event.


Social Media algorithms are difficult to hack because they're ever-changing. In short, the algorithm chooses posts to show users, and your job is to make it work for you. To get your content seen, you must have a great understanding of algorithms and how they work with your platforms and audience.


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