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How to build an eye-catching Business Instagram

Having a well-branded Instagram page for your business looks amazing, attracts new and old customers, and most importantly keeps your audience engaged!

I've already written about setting up your social media, so you can head there for the basics. But, let's go deeper - what visuals can you use to build your brand and connect with your audience?

Before we start, don't forget to follow me! I'll be referring to the All Write page, so make sure to have a look.


1. Use your branding as a base

I edit all my photos with a touch of purple, because it's a huge part of my branding! Since it was the main colour I chose for my website and logo, I themed my Instagram around it.

Consider your brand. What colours do you use, and how can you integrate them into your content?

Other ways to incorporate your branding include:

  • Adding a watermark of your logo to posts

  • Using the same fonts across all branding

  • Showing your product/service in posts

  • Showing your team in posts

  • Showing off your business and building a relationship with your audience!

Also, don't forget to consider written content. What language will you use? Will you add emojis? Hashtags? This should all be consistent! Check out my blog post on proof-reading your work to make sure there are no mistakes.

2. Consider the images you'll use

Although stock images are easy to get and often look great, having your own photos is so much better! If you're not a good photographer, I recommend a mix of both.

If you're selling a product, post photos of people using it. If you're selling a service, think of how you can show it to your audience. Give your audience an insight into your business behind-the-scenes! This creates trust and credibility with your audience.

Since I work mostly in copywriting, I like to post pictures of books and stationery. I also give my audience insights into my 'home office' by posting pictures of my space. 'Fun' posts that show my personality are also engaging and show honesty!

This website has a list of places to source stock photos.

3. Create some simple design templates

I love using Canva to create my templates. If you can use Photoshop, that might be even better. But, Social Media is a fast-paced world, and I like tools that make it simple and fast!

Many businesses post text-based visuals such as new offers, inspirational quotes, notices or testimonials. Make sure your templates have:

  • a headline

  • branding as discussed in Step 1

  • a link to your website

  • interesting elements to draw the eye

4. Find your aesthetic

On the All Write Instagram, I use a checker-board theme: photo, template, photo, template, and so on. I vary the content, but always ensure it has elements of purple. I do this by using my own presets on Lightroom, and checking the look of my grid with Planoly.

If you don't have Photoshop, Lightroom or other expensive editing tools, there are plenty of free apps out there. They also have filters available to help you get the right look!

I recommend trying these free and user-friendly apps:

Check out this article for some great grid ideas to draw inspiration from!

5. Start engaging and get your page seen

Don't fall into the trap of needing to have the most followers and likes. If your audience is interacting with your content, that's best!

Here are some things not to do:

  • Buy fake followers

  • Overspend on paid promotions

  • Spam

Instead, build your following organically by engaging with others. Create a community on Instagram and make your customers feel like friends. If someone tags you in their post using your product, like and share it!

Think - what pages can you follow that might be relevant to you? Other local businesses? Businesses with similar offerings? People in your target audience? Influencers? Many will follow you back if they like your content!

Like, comment and follow away!


If you still need help, check out the All Write Social Starter Pack.


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