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How to engage in viral trends

You have probably read about creating viral content, and maybe even tried it. But, you've probably noticed it isn't easy. Viral content (usually) takes a lot of effort, and there's only a small chance it'll actually go viral.

So, how can you easily use viral trends to benefit your social media marketing? Participate! You can spin current trends to benefit your own business. All you need is some creativity.

Here are 5 ways to engage in viral content!


1. Memes

Memes aren't just for younger generations. With older people consistently rising in social media usage, there are plenty of memes that all businesses can use.

If you don't know what memes are, they're viral social media content based on funny images, text or other mediums. The content becomes a meme when people share it and alter the text or image, making it funnier. They're relatable, based on pop culture, and can completely take over the internet for days, weeks or months.

Your audience is more likely to share something funny and relatable because it creates an emotional response. You just have to pick a viral meme that has relevance to your audience, put your own spin on it, and hope people find it entertaining enough to share!

2. Challenges

Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? This was a one-hit-wonder that went global, then was never heard of again.

Currently, with almost the entire world stuck at home in quarantine, challenges are doing better than ever. People are bored and want something to do - especially something they can post!

If you see a trending social media challenge, make sure you participate. This shows that your company is made of real people and builds trust with your audience.

3. Newsjacking

Newsjacking means taking news stories and using them for your business's marketing.

Think about the influx of coronavirus messages from businesses this year. Everyone had to post something, but how many of those messages did you actually pay attention to?

Yes, it's important to stay updated on news and comment on it where relevant. But make sure you have something useful to say. Try to avoid anything too political or controversial - don't accidentally make enemies of your audience!

Think about relevant news to your industry and target audience, or what your audience might find funny. What spin can you put on a trending news event?

4. Parody, Spoof and Satire

What are some trending topics you can make fun of? Similar to a meme, a parody is created when you post a humorous take on a trend.

You might choose to take a humorous approach to any of the following:

  • An event

  • A song or music video

  • A trend

  • A movie, TV show or book

  • Anything that's big in pop-culture!

Be cautious of copyright, and make sure it's not too offensive. Also, create a parody your audience will understand. It must be part of their pop-culture. If it doesn't make sense to your audience, it will fall flat.

5. Creating your own viral content

Although getting your content to go viral is difficult and rare, it's not impossible!

Based on my list, most viral content is humorous. It might also be based on another emotion, for example, posting something hopeful. Most importantly, it has to be engaging.

Think of something relevant but unique that your audience can participate in. Try it and let me know if it works!


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