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What to pay for Social Media Ads

We know paid posts tend to have a higher reach than organic posts. But, how do we know how much money to put behind them?

It's a question we all need to find the answer to! The reason it's difficult to figure out is that it depends on so many aspects of your business and audience. There's no single answer for everyone. So, how can we find the sweet spot our business fits into?

Test and Trial

The best way to figure out how much to spend on promotions is by simply giving it a try! Do some trial campaigns to see what happens.

When I start working with a client who has not previously used social media, I start with a small budget (no more than $20 over 3-4 days) and test different posts and audiences. Once I know which types of posts resonate with which audiences, I have the knowledge to put more money where it will be most effective.

Once we know this, we have to figure out the ROI - is it worth it, and does it fit in the budget?

Know your platforms

If your audience is primarily using Snapchat, a promotion isn't going to do well on Facebook. Consider this: would a lawnmower print ad do well in a children's magazine? No! It would be a waste of money.

You need to research which social media platforms your audience is using and which types of posts they like. Then, you need to become an expert in that platform.

Research your audience and invest in ads where you know they'll work. Then, it's back to testing and trialling!

Plan campaigns

Campaigns allow your socials - especially promotions - to be planned perfectly, with an end goal in mind. They're a great way to focus posts and have a better chance of them being effective.

Posting randomly is better than nothing, but a true social media marketer or content creator will have a strong but flexible plan and see the bigger picture.

Consider it an investment!

Sometimes boosted posts do really well, and other times they don't. An increased cost usually means the post will reach more people, but not always!

Put in the amount of money you think you'll get back - it's all about Return on Investment. If you try a few boosted posts and don't see any value for your business, it's best to let the idea go and put your money into different marketing strategies.

Of course, before giving up, it's a good idea to do some more research and consult an expert.


So, it's time to get to work on your social media promotions!

If you need assistance with your marketing, please get in touch.


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