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3 fun ways to strengthen brand personality

Creating a coherent brand that your audience connects with is vital for your communication strategies.

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I like to think about brands as their own person and treat them like a story character. How does this brand personality 'character' communicate? What's their age, gender and income?

You need to create a personality so strong that your audience can't help but be drawn in and create an emotional connection. Here are three fun ways to do it!


1. Take personality tests as your brand

Whether you use funny Buzzfeed quizzes, or something more scientific like Myers-Briggs, taking personality tests for your brand can help you get into the shoes of your 'character'. There are infinite quizzes and tests out there that you can try.

Once you have the results, consider if it's what you expected. If the results seem different to how you perceived your brand personality, that likely means you need to change the way you express the brand.

You can also take personality tests pretending to be your ideal customer, or even as yourself. Compare the results of the three and see where you need to balance them to create more effective communication strategies.

2. Look at influencers and media

To connect with your audience emotionally, you can simply emulate the media they like.

Research the influential figures your audience admires. They might be celebrities, influencers, or even politicians. How do these people communicate with fans and followers? How do they brand themselves? If their personality and communication methods are drawing in fans, you can try copying them for a similar outcome!

Also look at books, movies and TV shows popular with your audience. There are reasons specific entertainment is popular with specific demographics - it's built for them to relate to! What stands out about it? What are the aspects that make it popular, that you could emulate in your brand personality?

3. Get inspired with a Pinterest board

Pinterest boards are a really fun way to get inspiration for your brand personality, particularly design aspects. Which colours does your 'character' use? What hobbies does it have?

If you're not familiar with Pinterest, don't worry. Just give it a try, and pin anything that you think relates to your audience and brand. It definitely doesn't have to be based around your industry - it can be any kind of inspiration that helps you find your personality.

Once you're happy with your board, show it to a few members of your target audience. Ask them what they think, if it invokes any emotions and if they can relate to it. You'll have a clearer idea of what your audience responds to, and can narrow it down further until it's perfect!


If you need more help developing your unique brand, have a look at my marketing guides and packages!


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