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3 ways to find your Tone of Voice

Your tone of voice is an incredibly important aspect of your brand. It has to not only show who you are, but connect with your audience AND stand out from your competitors.

Here are 3 ways to find it!


1. Consider your brand's personality and the way it should be perceived

How do you want people to see your business?

Consider your offering and why people may need it. Then, why they should choose it over other options. Do you want to be considered academic or conversational? Formal or fun?

Your target audience will have a great impact on this. The language a brand uses towards Gen X and Gen Z will be drastically different, even if it's offering the same product!

Research your audience and the language that connects with them. You can then build a 'character' that the audience will trust and want to buy from.

2. Create your writing style guide

Your style guide is a great way to keep your voice unified, so you don't sway from your carefully curated brand. A writing style guide includes anything to do with the language you use and how you use it.

It can include anything from spelling, to slang, to SEO keywords. It's up to you to decide how your business communicates.

In particular, consider aspects like slang and sentence structure in your audience's language, and add these to your guide. Every time you need to write copy, you'll be able to check the guide and easily slip into character!

I offer personalised writing style guides here.

3. Compare similar brands - how can you stand out?

How do your competitors communicate with your audience?

If most of your competitors take a formal approach, you could be the casual, friendly option. If they tend to be silly, you can be straight-forward.

Having a unique tone of voice is really important if you want to stand out against your competitors and be remembered by your audience. What can you do differently?


Need more help with your writing style and tone of voice? See my Digital Writing Style Guide package, or contact me to discuss copywriting and editing services.


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