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How to Proof-Read your Own Writing

We've talked about writing mistakes to look out for, but how can you easily find those mistakes?

Here are my three easy tips for proof-reading your own work!


Read your content aloud

One of the best ways to pick up mistakes - especially in sentence structure and punctuation - is reading your words aloud. Your writing should be conversational and reflect how people speak in real life.

Reading out your words will help you to notice instances where a sentence doesn't make sense. If a comma you've added feels wrong to use when reading aloud, it'll sound strange to your readers, too! This will also give you a stronger idea of your brand voice.

Cheat with a grammar app

You can sign up to a free Grammarly account easily, and it picks up lots of smaller mistakes. This can be a great starting off point, and you can start to see trends in where you often make mistakes.

However, be careful not to trust it completely. Often, these tools correct your work with AI systems that lack context. They're particularly bad for sentence structure and tone of voice.

Double-check everything before correcting, and if you're unsure, Google it. Remember - your brand voice may not always aim to be 100% correct and formal!

Use a different medium to read it

A major reason we miss our own mistakes is that we're so close to the work, we stop seeing it. Our brains trick us!

By changing things as simple as the font or background, you're seeing the work through new eyes. An even better way to proof-read is to print out your work, or better yet handwrite it!

Remember - the best way to find mistakes is to have someone proof-read your work for you. If you're looking for a professional editor or proof-reader, get in touch.



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