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3 publishing trends to watch in 2022

Now we're officially into the new year, let's discuss some of the publishing trends I expect to see in 2022!

Please note that these are just my opinions, and are predominantly based on Australian trends and statistics.


1. Readers will buy more indie books

In an effort to support small, local authors, booksellers, and publishers, readers may shift towards indie books this year. They also want unique books that the big publishers may not be providing, while indies go for targeting niche tropes and genres.

Books + Publishing suggested that 2021 would be a year for debut authors, with many upcoming novels by major publishing houses being debuts. But as we discussed last week, readers are more likely to buy books from an author they already know and love than try something new. So, in 2022, it's going to be more important than ever - especially for self-publishing authors - to work on not just growing a large fanbase, but a loyal one.

Because social media is such a big marketing tool, authors (particularly self-published) will continue to struggle if they have no platform. Social media is changing faster than ever, and it'll be important for authors to know their platforms well and stay up to date, posting high-quality content if they hope to compete. Indie authors should continue to utilise social media, particularly targeting local markets, to gain loyal readers.

2. People will read less

As the world gets busier, I predict a drop in reading over the next year. People will be more distracted and have less time, so those who aren't regular readers may lose the good reading habits they've built.

This means authors will need to find smart ways to get people reading. We know audiobooks have been rising in popularity, so I believe it will be vital for authors to have audiobook versions of their books available if they want to compete and make sales this year. Creating an audiobook can be an expensive investment, so it's worth doing some market research before deciding if you should make one.

Ebooks, also an easier option than paperbacks, should continue to rise in popularity. This means it will be important to have your books available on all ebook platforms. Even more importantly, books MUST have a fantastic cover and blurb.

3. Realistic fiction will have increased demand

2020 and 2021 we were all about escapism, but I predict that in 2022, readers will be looking for stories that mirror real-life. Literary and contemporary fiction are steadily rising.

Readers who began reading in recent years because they love fantasy may now be looking for more relatable characters and stories, drawing them to contemporary fiction. These works may be hard-hitting and say something about the world, or teach moral lessons.

Readers want to expand their minds. Non-fiction and memoir could also become more popular with people who typically only read fiction.


What are your predictions for 2022? Head to my social media pages and comment to let me know!


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