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5 types of Blogs you should be posting

If you're struggling with ideas for content creation, there are many ways to write blog posts that are interesting and valuable to your audience. Here are five types of blog posts you can try, to help with SEO and engage your audience!


1. How-to

Don't confuse how-to content with giving away free advice. People want to know you're an expert in your field (and a trusted business), and giving them a taste of what you do is a great way to build trust!

So, how do you come up with ideas for How-To blogs? SEO is a great first step. Find out what people are searching on Google about your industry.

Many people search for information on how to run their social media pages, so I like to write blog posts answering their questions. This can be helpful for potential clients, because they can see I know what I'm doing.

2. Lists

List blogs are powerful. A good list headline is sure to draw people in, and if the content is great it will keep them engaged. You're reading a list blog right now!

A list blog will be based on a topic relevant to your industry, that people want to know about. It can be about anything, as long as it can be numbered. Make sure it has a great headline so people click and read all the way through.

3. News

You should post occasional news updates about your business and industry. If consumers can see that you're up-to-date with your industry and consistently have news within your business, you'll be positioned as modern and knowledgable.

News posts are usually short and snappy, but most importantly should be informative and show your brand in a good light.

4. Questions and Answers

If you get lots of 'FAQs' about your business or industry, your blog a great place to answer them. Are there aspects of your products and services that consumers are confused about, or need clarification on?

Answering questions shows transparency in your business and builds trust with your audience. Consider linking your FAQs page to your blog.

5. Opinions

Posting your opinions can be controversial, but it also shows who you are as a brand and can lead to higher engagement. Of course, you should only post opinion blogs on topics relevant to your business.

Maybe there's some industry news you would like to comment on from a different perspective, or you don't agree with certain standard industry practises and want to show how your business differs.

The idea is to create conversation!


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