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Author Newsletters: What are they, and why have one?

Since its rise in popularity over a decade ago, email marketing has proven to be a fantastic way to reach consumers (when it's done right). Many authors, both traditionally and self-published, have found their mailing list to be their greatest marketing channel.

What's an email newsletter? Simply, it's a periodical email sent to your readers, to give them information that will, hopefully, lead them to buying from you. Author emails can vary widely, so they're difficult to describe specifically!

(We'll talk more about what they typically include next week.)

For now, here are three reasons they're so successful:


1. Your newsletter is all yours

A common frustration with other forms of digital marketing is that you're limited to platforms which often don't show your content unless you pay (like Facebook).

With emails, however, there are almost no limits. They're going to pop up in your fans' inbox, and the content can be made up of anything you want to share. This means it's a great way to get your message across, because you're far less restricted.

2. You can connect with your readers

And find your super-fans.

When you have access to someone's email inbox, they'll never miss an event, a new release, a blog post, or anything important that you want them to see.

Your readers might even reply to your newsletters, hoping to talk to you about your story and characters. These people can become your friends, fans, or beta and ARC readers, helping you create better books that more people read!

3. You can sell, sell, sell!

But, you probably shouldn't.

Like all marketing, don't overdo it. Spamming your readers with promotional content will have them unsubscribing long before you have a chance to make a sale. Your readers must come first - and you need to send content that helps or entertains them in some way - before any advertising.

Remember, building relationships with your readers is the main goal of email marketing. Of course the end goal is to sell books, but that's the last step!

We'll talk more about newsletter content next week.


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