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Author Newsletters: Building your subscriber list

Now that you know why you need a newsletter, and what to include in it, how do you get people to read it?

Let's talk about building your subscriber list!


Create a Sign-Up Form

Before you can get subscribers, you need a way for them to easily sign up.

This form will usually be found on your website, and needs to be obvious and easy to use. Pop-ups are also a good idea to let people know you have a newsletter.

Creating a form is different depending on the website platform you use, so you might have to look into how to do it (or have a professional help you).

On the form, make sure to ask for people's email address, first name, and include a captcha test. Also, have a message that comes up to thank them for subscribing!

Create an incentive with a Reader Magnet

This is probably the most successful way to win subscribers. People simply don't like to do something for free, especially if they're risking being spammed.

A reader magnet is something you offer potential readers - a freebie that lands directly in their inbox as a reward. This first email can also be used as a welcome email, thanking people for signing up and giving them an idea of what to expect in your newsletters.

Typically, an author's reader magnet will be a book snippet, prequel, short story, etc... that readers can't get anywhere else. If the reader already loves your work, they'll happily sign up for free content, and if you're new to them, this content might convince them to purchase your published work!

Promote on social media

Since my newsletter comes out at the end of every month, I make sure to post a reminder, in the last week of the month, for my followers to sign up. You need to continue promoting your newsletter (forever!) to keep people subscribing, and make sure they can see the benefits.

Ads can also help you target potential readers, and they'll be even more likely to sign-up when they see the exciting reader magnet you have ready for them.


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