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Author SMM: 3 reasons authors need LinkedIn

Whether you're self-publishing or traditionally publishing, the connections you'll make on LinkedIn will greatly help in jump-starting your writing career.

LinkedIn isn't just a tool for those looking for a job. It's a social media platform with a niche user base - people who are serious about what they do. So if you're a serious writer, this is a great place to establish yourself.

How can authors benefit from LinkedIn?


1. Make friends (who can help you!)

Connecting with writers in a similar place to you is a great way to find people to relate to and assist with your journey. To keep it simple, you can easily do a search, i.e. 'romance writers'.

Once you have formed relationships with people whose work you admire (and who you get along with), you can ask them to be your beta readers and/or critique partners.

You can also promote and review each other's work, to boost both your sales.

2. Find professionals to work with

Whether this is the perfect cover designer for your book, or contacting literary agents who might represent you, LinkedIn is full of professionals who want to get to know you.

There are several ways to do this. You can simply search 'publishing', 'editor', etc., and LinkedIn will give you many results. This will take time to sort through, however.

Another option is to find new connections in comment sections. Did they say something you agree with? Send them a request! Who knows who might end up being the perfect person to join your team?

3. Promote your books

Just like any other social media platform, LinkedIn can be used to sell. But, as always, don't overdo it.

Non-fiction books will be easier to promote on the platform, due to the typically helpful/beneficial nature of the content (more on this next week). This means you have a great opportunity to post snippets that will lead to your book.

However, there is a possibility to promote fiction, too, though it may look different to other platforms. For example, you might connect with librarians or bookstore owners, and offer them a discount to stock your book. You might also post a press release, in the hopes that a media professional will see a story in it. Readers can be found in surprising places!


Will you start using LinkedIn as an author? Make sure to send me a request and leave a comment if you do!

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