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What is a Virtual Assistant?

You've probably heard of a PA, but what's this new VA job you keep hearing about?

Just like Personal Assistants, Virtual Assistants take on business responsibilities - particularly admin - so you can focus on your own job. The difference is that a VA works remotely, usually communicating with you via email and completing tasks online.

Here are 5 examples of tasks your VA might do:


1. Social Media

Virtual Assistants are often used to manage social media accounts for small businesses. They should have good knowledge of the online space and be able to confidently grow your digital presence.

2. Planning and Organising

If your VA is experienced with project managing, they'll be able to help you organise tasks in your business. They might also help with tasks like sorting documents, creating spreadsheets, and data entry.

3. Writing & Editing

VAs can also be copywriters, who you can hire to help with writing content. Having a VA with great language ability is a huge advantage for your team, because they'll make sure your brand's tone of voice stays on track and connects with potential customers.

4. Basic Accounting

Your Virtual Assistant can manage some of your finances, such as creating and chasing up invoices. They may help to organise any documents that you need to keep filed and easy to find, especially in regards to taxes.

5. Website Management

Many VAs have some experience in web design and SEO, and will be able to help keep your website up-to-date.


There are many more tasks a Virtual Assistant can help with, and you can find them in many places!

Make sure to see a potential VA's portfolio, and consider their prices, before hiring them. Remember that although some may be cheaper, it's almost always a matter of quality vs quantity - you get what you pay for.

Are you looking for a VA Service? Contact me now to discuss how I can assist you.


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